Super Drag racing: Race Till You Drop

Super Race 3d

If you were under the impression that racing is all about speed, it’s time you rethink this. Drag racing, one of the upcoming and popular genres of racing is all about maintaining you balance and keeping your vehicle from crashing. A number of app developers are trying their hand at it but none beats Superdik B. V. Super Drag race, …

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Super Drag Race: Bringing Drag Racing to Life

Super Race

Do you like to feel the adrenaline rush that racing games give you as you zoom at high speeds? If you do, then Superdik Trading B.V. brings to you a crazy drag racing game called Super Drag Race. The racing goes on endlessly. Keep driving your car through numerous highways, earn more cash, buy new cars or upgrade your existing …

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OElite: A Shoe that Every Businessman Gets Fit in !


Suppose you’re about to start an e-commerce website. You have everything laid out according to plan and a hope that everything will go accordingly. As your website hits the internet, you start getting orders and the results are better than you expected. But now the people are expecting more from you; a better service, a better website, more products, etc. …

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Candy Breaker- All about candy and challenge

Candy Breaker

Does the very thought of candy make your mouth water? With numerous games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush which are focused on candy, VistaCreativos has released one more. Candy Breaker, an Android app that is compatible with all devices having Android 2.2 and higher, is here to please your taste buds with sweet delicious candy again. There are candies in …

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Ninflated: Ninja Training the fun way


Do you like challenging and entertaining games that will keep you glues for hours on end? If the concept of ninjas fascinates you, here’s your chance to train your own ninja. Ninflated, an iOS app developed by AppStreet Games Ltd, stars an adorable ninja who goes by the name of Nin. He is trapped in a bubble and you must …

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Betfair Sports Betting- Become an official sports betting bookmaker


Investing your money in a variety of sources to see it multiply is like a dream that has come true for all of us. If you do not have much in terms of financial skills, it is wise to make the best use of the skills that you have. If sports events are your area of expertise, then Betfair Sports …

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Sort It- A Simple Game with Twists

Sort It

Fruit Ninja has been known for its finger agility over the years while Flappy Bird for its level of difficulty. What if a game was developed that combined the best of both games for you, while adding a fun factor to the equation? Sort It, developed by Frenzy Cat Ltd, is that game for you. While the name does not …

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Take the Right Decision – Give your Kid, Fun for Kids – Learning Puzzles


Here is a new gaming app that can create interest in your kid and at the same time can help in developing his/her motor and problem solving skills. Fun for Kids – Learning Puzzles is an educational gaming app that has been specifically designed for the toddlers and preschoolers in order to give the parents the opportunity to provide their …

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Baseball Kings – Into the Field !


Baseball is one of the most celebrated sports in the world and why shouldn’t it be! There is every element in this game that defines a good sport. Excitement, suspense, hard work, team spirit and over the top of it all, a mass wave that rides on the shoulders of millions of fans of this amazing game. Now, every part …

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Check your Concentration and Accuracy with Amazing Beats Music Game

Amazing Beat

Music lovers search music even in the games they love to play and games that come with beats and have a brain teaser element in it, are always popular. There are very few games in the iTunes app store that use the concept of compiling beats and a game and this tough job is done by Amazing Bids by Hadi …

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Live the Real Piano Music with Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano

Piano beats are known for the positive energy they spread with music and people who know how to play piano are always praised by music lovers. Even if you don’t have a piano at home or you don’t have the access to a real piano, it is possible for you to learn the musical instrument with the help of an …

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Now Win Every Time with OMG! Fortune Free Slots


New games are always quite exciting irrespective of age of the player and core competence for games. There are fresh new games that are being available on iTunes every now and then but finding them can take time and it can be also quite difficult for you to store the games in your device due to requirement of space. Just …

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