pArchive : Share Care-Free

Parchive Webapprater

Since the invention of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and various popular social media platforms, the social life has turned into an event. It’s like an open festival with lots of people inside the house. You can get the where-abouts of everybody from their social profiles and it’s like an identity card you carry in your phone. If you’re not available on …

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CreateTrips – The Traveller’s Choice

Create Trips

Planning a trip takes time and most of it is often devoted to the selection of different venues to be visited. A place has many attractions and the more you search about it, the more new places you’ll find and finally it becomes a difficult decision to pick which one and to cut loose which one; after all you have …

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X-Match: Not just Another Puzzle Game

Xmatch Webapprater

If you have free time that you would like to kill by playing puzzles that will sharpen your grey cells, then the iOS app X-Match is the ideal game for you. Unlike arcade games and racing games, the variety of puzzles and the high challenge level ensure that you do not get bored whatsoever. With a new approach and strategy …

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Why You should try out the ViViDe Poker 2-iPhone App?


The ViViDe Poker 2 iOS iPhone application is one of the latest creations from MJ GARAGE Inc which was designed for entertainment purposes. With a size of 56.7MB only this application can easily be installed into your iPhone. It is compatible with iOS 7.0 and can work excellently in iPhone, iPad and also iPod touch apple devices. It is also …

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Modern Words – For Crossword Game Lovers

Modern Words 2

Modern Words is a new, free to play app for ios devices consisting of various word games falling into three categories: Anograms, Crosswords and Word Searches. Within each category lies several subcategories, each with their own difficulty or subject matter to keep redundancy at a minimum. The Anograms category consists of three different game modes. Puzzle Mode gives you five …

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Helicopter Air Fighting : Best Air Combat Game

Helicopter Webapprater

This is a thrilling game for iphones that offers you a moment to be in the battle field with 3 different types of helicopter gunships to choose from. Each of the helicopters can do well in various missions of anti-air missions and anti-ground as well. The incredible thing about the game is that it can be played for free without …

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Score : The Safest Dating Application


Finding the right match online when it comes to dating can be a daunting task. Most people that do not delve into the dating sites have a number of concerns. The top most of these concerns is safety. The World Wide Web is full of people that you can have fun and connect with. It is also full of creepy …

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Going on a tour is always fun, especially if you’re going abroad. A new country, new people and a very new culture you’ll get to see. It’ll be so exciting, isn’t it! But there is always a question mark on how your stay would go and that depends upon the hotels you book. If you book via any external agency, …

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Shoply The App to Simplify your Shopping Experience

Shoply Retail

Are you one of those shoppers with key chains that are full of loyalty cards? Perhaps it might be getting hard for you to manage your loyalty and gift cards and much harder to browse through your email account to locate particular coupons. Such struggle is no more since there is new application that can help you with all these. …

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Search Important Information by using Home facts Android App


Homefacts Company released an android app that has been very helpful for prospective investors and home owners. The app provides important information on the happenings of the neighborhood. It also informs on the latest real estate investments that provides homes for sale properties. You only need to put in your key search term and all information about your search comes …

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Prioritize your Inbox with InboxMind


If you are a working individual and receive a lot of mail, at some point of time, it becomes difficult to concentrate on all the mails and there is always a chance to miss out some of the mails. InboxMind on iTunes is designed to help you get the maximum out of your inbox. It prioritizes the mails according to …

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Smart Marketers Magazine : Need of the Hour

Smart Marketers

Since the market analysts have realized the potential of internet in contributing to the global growth in the future, businessmen are being attracted more and more to this route. It’s easy to start up and comparatively cheaper. If you want to promote your product online, then all you need to do is just upload the video on YouTube or any …

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